Charlotte January Meeting – Chris Rohwer – Creating a photography business

The speaker for our January meeting is Chris Rohwer. Like many of us, Chris enjoys being outdoors and trying to capture nature without people getting in the way. Unlike many of us, Chris has taken his photographic interests to another level. He and his wife, Robin, have created a business showing and selling their work. Chris will share with us his photographic journey and some of his work, with an emphasis on starting and growing his business. You can check out his work at Christopher Robin Arts.

Chris’ biography statement follows…
Photography has given me another reason to be outdoors. If asked, I would tell you I am a landscape photographer working to keep people out of my view finder. Over time, I have found that signs, architecture and yes, even people are fun and interesting topics. Capturing light, lines and subjects to make a more interesting composition makes carrying a camera fun and challenging. Through classes and workshops my work has evolved. My competitive instinct has drawn me to enter shows and photo competitions. That process has led me to study and improve in ways that do not come naturally to me; they push me to be better and I hope you will enjoy my work

We will be meeting on Tuesday, January 10 from 7 to 9 p.m., at
The Light Factory, VAPA Center
700 N Tryon St

Asheville November 2022 Monthly Meeting

Tonight’s meeting will be our bi-annual member’s “Portfolio Challenge.” Select members will present their work on their selected topic explaining how they captured and/or processed their images. These meetings are always very popular and informative. You won’t want to miss it.

Charlotte November Meeting PSA Round 2 Zoom Only

This is round 2 of the PSA image competition. Please submit 3 images in nature and 3 images in Open. In the meeting we will select 6 images from 6 seperate makers in each catagory. This is open to all CNPA members regardles of region.

CNPA Charlotte October meeting The Bird Lovers Project

Hi Everyone

Fall has arrived  and we have many folks out to shoot the Elk this week (myself included) and many more waiting for the inevitable color change of the leaves. All projections are that this will be a fantastic year for Fall colors.
Our meeting this month is “The Bird Lovers Project” by Jeff Eichinger, if you have been out photographing birds you have probably run into Jeff, I found him on a trail near lake pongo.  And his bird images are fantastic.  The meeting will be ZOOM ONLY as all of our coordinators are out of town, did I mention Fall photography…. 
The Bird Lovers ProjectYears ago, I considered myself a photographic generalist. Why specialize in any one type when you enjoy them all ?  I guess I was waiting for one to choose me. I became a bird watcher and lover before I decided to have a specialty. But not too much longer I was spending more time (and money) trying to get better bird images. I was hooked! My cameras were purchased based on how good they were for shooting birds, over other subjects. I had become a bird photographer!
In recent years I’ve become intrigued with the idea of ‘Photo Projects’. My favorite one has been The Bird Lovers Project. It’s not about bird lovers like me (and maybe you?) but about the birds, as the lovers.

Asheville October 2022 Monthly Meeting

Our annual critique session. Do you have photos that you love but you feel something is missing to really make it stand out? Members will be able to submit up to three images each to be critiqued and suggested enhancements.

Asheville September 2022 Monthly Meeting

If you’ve ever been to Grandfather Mountain or even seen photos of the majestic mountain, you may be familiar with Skip Sickler. Skip will be joining us in person to discuss how he captures some of the mountain’s most spectacular images.

Asheville August 2022 Monthly Meeting

Ronan Nicholson will be joining us via Zoom, sponsored by Hunt’s Photo and Video, presenting on finding the birds you are trying to photography and their behavior.