Charleston June Meeting

Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants by Sharleen Johnson

Ecologist and habitat gardener, Sharleen will provide an introduction to gardening with native plants to support pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

Asheville June 2024 Meeting

Our popular bi-annual Portfolio Presentations will be tonight’s focus. Join us as three of our members showcase their work and what drives their passion.

Asheville May 2024 Meeting

A member’s favorite, our Raw Image Makeover, is back. Watch how members were able to take the same photographs and process them based on their interpretation and feelings of the scene. You’ll be amazed how the same starting photo can look so differently based on how it is processed. In addition to hearing from the members on why they processed them the way they did, you may pick up some new technical skills along the way.

Asheville April 2024 Meeting

See how the Asheville group has partnered with a local conservation organization to help protect and secure land throughout our region.