Asheville November Meeting

Join us for our second semi-annual member’s portfolio presentations. Hear what inspired them to select their topic and what steps they took to build their portfolio.

Asheville October Meeting

Our guest professional critique member images on what works and what possible enhancements could be made to take the images from great to wow!

Asheville September Meeting

Join us for a very special presentation by Jennifer King showcasing “Yellowstone in Winter.” While Yellowstone is a photographer’s paradise, the winter landscape is unparalleled in serenity and beauty.

Asheville July Meeting

Lori Lankford will present “Creative Editing in Photoshop.” Even if you don’t every use PS, you won’t want to miss her presentation as she will showcase editing techniques that can enhance your photographs regardless of what postprocessing software you use.

Join us The Photo Outfitter for Cell Phone Photography with Lisa Crates

We had a great showing in May. Thank you all who were able to attend. Let’s try it again in June!
Come on out and join us for an exciting program on cell phone photography with Lisa Crates.
Program Overview:
Cell Phone Photography Serious & Fun

Introduction – Over view of all phones /
Key to Enjoying your phone for Photography
1. Adjustments and hidden menus / Know your phone
2. What to include or exclude from your auto settings – Features / tips &
3. Benefits & use of the cell phone for ALL photography All the time
4. Lens & Accessories
5. Quality of photos & saving
6. Conclusion & Questions
Lisa Crates
Lisa Crates Photography
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Asheville June Meeting

Join us for our semi annual members portfolios presentation. Learn more about our fellow members as they present their portfolio and explain why they selected their topic and how they captured their photographs.