Swan Lake Iris Garden

Plan for Photography Outing at Swan Lake Iris Gardens
Date: Friday, May 20th
Time: 8:00 AM
Meet location: Parking Lot
Location: Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter SC
West Liberty Street
Travel time from Charlotte is a little over 2 hours. Travel directions can be found via Google or other map services.
There are eight different species of swans plus other water fowl that make their home in the two ponds separated by a road. There are hundreds of iris plants that line the shores of the ponds that should be in full bloom.
Gear suggested: something close up for getting into the irises, a medium tele lens – up to 300 mm for wildlife and perhaps a wide angle for landscapes. All paths are either paved or boardwalk, so easy walking shoes would suffice. Bring water; there is a rest room and plenty of parking spaces. There are no food services nearby.
For further information, I suggest you can visit their website at https://www.sumtersc.gov/community/swanlake and/or Google Images of Swan Lake Iris Gardens to get a good idea of what is there.
For lunch, I suggest Baker’s Sweets and Bistro 1089 Allice Dr, about 5 minutes away.

Event Coordinator: Charlie Binder (chasbinder@roadrunner.com)

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