Milky Way Shoot

Blue Ridge Parkway
Doughton Park
Friday Night, June 24, 2022
The weather didn’t cooperate with us last year, so let’s try it agin this year. Sunset is 8:46 pm so the Milky Way should be visible starting about 10:30. We’ll meet at the Doughton Park Picnic Area about 8:00. We’ll choose shooting locations (foregrounds) and have a chance for a nice sunset shot or two. The images below were shot at different locations within Doughton Park.
If you are new to night sky photography, here is a link to a tutorial that will help prepare you. (How to Photograph the Milky Way – Lonely Speck) We will also have some veterans on hand to help you get started.
Equipment Checklist
DSLR or Mirrorless camera
Wide-angle lens (the faster the better)
Remote shutter release (self timer works too)
Headlamp/flashlight (preferably red light or very low white light)
Dew heater-optional (handwarmer & rubber bands works just fine)
Please RSVP to by Thursday night (6/23) so he knows who to expect in case of change or weather cancelation. If you are looking to carpool, either needing a ride or willing to provide a ride, please send a note to Don Brown ( and he will coordinate.

Chris Cashwell

Event Coordinator: Chris Caswell ( )

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