Fall Lake Durham County side

We will meet at CNPA Member Frank Clemmensen’s property in Durham County and then carpool to 2 different nearby sites that he thinks will provide us with some nice photo opportunities.

Many Cypress trees grow in the lake, some went straight to brown this year but still make very cool shots. The low lake level right now will give us access to hike along the lake edge close to the water line. That means there will be some unusual perspectives and compositions that would not normally be available at higher lake levels. Frank suggests a full range of lens selection from wide angle for the landscapes to telephoto for the Egrets and other birds that have been around lately. Also, since we can get right under the Cypress branches there may be opportunities for macro shots of the tree trunks, roots, branches and developing cones. The forecast indicate some showers but only a 40% chance. Tuesday November 8th [rain date November 9th] From 5714 Cheek Rd. Durham, NC 27704 and we will carpool from there.
*Stop 1 – The Mountain to Sea Trail where a section of boardwalk crosses the lake.
*Stop 2 – Hike the shore line near the Cheek Road Bridge. (Frank will just wear hiking boots but rubber boots might allow for interesting shots in the shallow water.)
Lunch: At the Pizza Mia Grill across the street from Frank’s property.
On your own while in the area: The Cedar Creek Artisan Gallery is just 4 miles away.
Falls Lake map: https://www.ncparks.gov/media/154/open
Frank’s contact info for any questions: Frank Clemmensen, 919-625-4889, email: fgc.photos@gmail.com

Event Coordinator: Lois Makoid & Frank Clemmensen (lamakoid@gmail.com)

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