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Members' Gallery Submission Specs -

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© Bob Spalding
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CNPA members can submit up to 30 images for viewing in our gallery area. These images are also used to randomly decorate web pages on our website.

Prepare your images for uploading as follows:
  • All image files must be JPEG format, 72ppi, and RGB
  • Images may be up to 750 pixels on their longest side (horizontal or vertical)
  • Image file size must be less than than 200KB
  • Subject matter must be a nature image, hand of man should not be >25% of image OR not the main subject
  • No domestic animals [pets or farm animals]

Login to the member's area and click the "Photo Gallery Uploads" link in the Member's Landing to upload your photos, one at a time.

Further details for preparing your images using Adobe Photoshop are below. These are failry generic instructions that should be pretty close for most versions of Photoshop on Macs or PCs. Please consult your documentation if you use different photo editing software.

Create Your Own Gallery

Creating your own gallery in the CNPA Members' Gallery
Note: Nature and Wildlife photographs ONLY.

STEP ONE: Preparing your image files (up to 30) -

  1. You may wish to create a special folder for the image files you will put in your gallery, so you can easily find them in the process.
  2. Open an image you wish to submit (see Pam Barbour's article in the Spring 2005 Magazine on accomplishing this preparation of your images):
    a. Reduce its resolution to 72ppi (Image>Resize)
    b. Reduce its longest dimension to 750 pixels (Image>Resize)
    c. Save it as a JPEG (Save-for-Web function) using a Quality setting that yields a file less than 200k size.
    d. Give it a new name in the special folder you created.
    e. Or, another example, set the cropping tool for 750x500 at 72ppi, crop image, then use Save-for-Web as a JPEG, adjusting the Quality to get <200k.
  3. Repeat the above for all of the images you have selected (up to 30).

STEP TWO: Uploading your images -

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on "member login" at the top of the page and enter your user ID and password.
  3. Click on the Photo Gallery Uploads link.
  4. Click on "Upload a New Image" and fill in the text boxes:
    Title: Give your image a brief (up to 100 characters) title.
    Description: Give any details about the image you wish (up to 250 characters).
    Copyright: A default entry will be filled in, change it if you wish (up to 100 characters).
    Categories: Check the boxes to assign this image to one or more categories. These will be used when viewers search the gallery by subject.
    Display Order: Enter a number (1-30) for where in your gallery this image should appear.
    Upload File: Click the "browse" button and select the image file from your special folder (above).
  5. Click the "Upload" button and wait for the file to be transferred. If the page returns with any problems to correct, do so and re-select the image file to try again.
  6. Assuming your upload goes smoothly, you'll come back to your gallery page where a thumbnail of the photo you just uploaded should now be shown and all photos should be in the order that you have assigned.
  7. You can click on one of the thumbnails, to edit or remove a photo.