Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Cookies ARE Required

2. Member is NOT Receiving Emails

3. How to Change My Password

  1. Cookies ARE Required
  2. Our Membership Management System (hosted by Wild Apricot) requires “Third-Party Cookies” to be enabled on browser, as well as cookies in general. If you have cookies or 3rd-party cookies disabled, then you will NOT be able to login or perform membership related tasks on the CNPA web site. For your benefit, here are some instructions on enabling (i.e NOT blocking) 3rd-party cookies: How to enable Third-Party Cookies

    Wild Apricot’s Cookie Help Article

    If you are using a mobile device, please check your cookie and popup blocker settings, The figure 1 below shows iPad settings, where both the “Block Pop-ups” and “Block all Cookies” are disabled.
    Figure 1: iPad Safari Settings
    iPad Settings

  3. Member is NOT Receiving Emails
  4. Each member must subscribe (or unsubscribe) to each email distribution list. This is a two step process (READ Both Steps):

    i: Member must subscribe (or unsubscribe) to list, via the “Members > Profile & Membership” menu (figure 2), and click on “Email Subscription”. Subscribe (or Unsubscribe) to the ones you want to receive (or not receive); referring to figure 3.

    Figure 2: Member Profile
    Subscription Change

    Figure 3: Email Distribution List Subscription page
    Subscription Selection

    ii. Confirming Request: After subscribing (or unsubscribe) to each list, an email will be sent to member. The member MUST confirm their desire to subscribe or unsubscribe to each list, by clicking on link in email confirmation. If a user does NOT confirm, they are NOT added to list.

    To confirm you are added, it’s best to refresh the “Email Distribution List Subscription” page.

  5. How to Change My Password
  6. To change your password, select the “Members > Profile and Membership” Menu item. Then, click on the “Change password” link on right side, as indicated in yellow and red #1.

    Figure 4: Change Password
    Subscription Selection