CNPA has an ongoing effort to preserve the environment of the Carolinas through our photography. We sponsor and are involved in many projects that promote protection and appreciation of the environment.

2019 Conservation Project: Bears of the Carolinas

Bears were chosen by Regional Coordinators because they inhabit both states, are growing in number and size while sharing their habitat with increasing numbers of humans. Both the Carolinas have USFWS refuges in coastal river areas, bear sightings throughout the states through the coastal plains to foothills and the mountains. Bears are also a much loved subject for many CNPA photographers. We can learn much about the black bears that are a large presence in many areas of our states. This Conservation project can aid our efforts to define the purpose of CNPA Conservation Nature Photography.

Video: Bears of the Carolinas

2018 Conservation Project: The Monarch Butterfly

Video: The Monarch – A Butterfly We Cannot Live Without

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