CNPA Board of Directors & Staff

It takes many dedicated people to maintain the inner workings of the Carolinas’ Nature Photography Association. If you want more information, or would like to volunteer your time and expertise for the betterment of CNPA please email us at

Board of Directors

  • Bruce Dickson – President (Officer)
  • Nicole Deen – Vice President and Major Events Chair
  • Jeff Eichinger – Website Committee Chair and Members Choice Chair
  • David Hartfield – Speaker Chair
  • John Poer – Regions Chair
  • Dave Hattori – Membership Chair
  • Malena Kee – Communications Chair
  • Bob Spalding – Members Choice Committee

Members who want to attend to address the board should notify the CNPA President at

Officers and Other Key Contacts

  • Joanne Wuori – Secretary (Officer)
  • Brian Biggin – Treasurer (Officer)
  • Bryan Beyer – Editor, Camera in the Wild Magazine
  • Cindy Landrum – Friends of the Board
  • Don Wuori – Friends of the Board
  • Mark Lindsay – Web Architect
  • Rich Parker – Website Admin

Regional Coordinators

For Regional Coordinators, please see the Regions page.

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